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The search engine giant Google is all set to expand its Cloud Business Unit in India. Google’s top executive in India said that it’s planning to double the employee headcount at their Hyderabad office this year. Google is concerned about the increasing dominance of other tech-giants like Microsoft and Amazon in India and has made this decision to compete with them in this growing market. google-cloud-platform Tap into growing Cloud Market According to Gartner, the world’s leading technology research and advisory company, the public cloud market in India is expected to surge by 38% to $1.81 billion by the…

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Backup and Sync

After a month’s delay, the search engine giant has finally released the Backup and Sync desktop app which is now available for download for both Windows and Mac users. This new App can help users upload files into the Google Cloud and can automatically sync up files from any source including videos and photos from cameras, USB devices, SD cards and Smartphones etc. Combines the features of Google Photos and Drive Client Apps: This new App will replace the older Google Drive Client and Google Photos Desktop App for both Windows and Mac users. Basically, this new App is designed to combine…

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