Author: Alyssa A

Hi, I am Alyssa. I am a Software Engineer who follows the passion of writing. I have done my B.Tech in IT from Gujarat. I am passionate and enthusiastic towards life and I believe that everyone should follow their passion. All thanks and Credits to Aadi and the credits are given because he inspires me a lot.

┬áThe race for bringing self-driven automobiles in the market has escalated in the Silicon valley as two of the companies have signed up a deal for collaboration. Waymo, a sub-organization of Google has signed up the deal with Lyft, a leading start-up company for collaborating together and bringing up autonomous cars for the future in the mainstream market through product development as well as pilot projects. The spokesperson of both companies claimed that the companies shared a common and better vision for the autonomous automobiles market. They have a common vision for providing the people with better transportations. However,…

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