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    Matt Falcon

    From what I see with FB on Chrome, many of these issues can be traced back to Facebook’s unusual way of loading pages, its “all-AJAX” system. Often, the page URL may change, but the page’s content stays stuck, like nothing was clicked. So the AJAX system hits a bump, gets an error that wasn’t caught by the code, and keeps on (not) going, blissfully unaware.

    The issue is definitely a known one, at least by Chrome users:

    The problems like “can’t post status” or “notifications don’t load”, or “can’t load messages”, are all related to this issue… often, if you just click the same thing again, it’ll load. It’s quite a frustrating issue, for sure.

    Solution? Click the URL and hit Enter (don’t just try hitting refresh). Bam, problem solved, at least for the moment.

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    Thanks, deleting the history, cache, and cookies worked for me.

    Running Firefox 4.0

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    “Thanks, deleting the history, cache, and cookies worked for me”

    worked for me 2.. but only for a short time.. after a click or two it starts all over again..

    running Chrome 11.0.696.57 + Mac OS X 10.6.7

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    fred bugle

    Mine has been doing:
    Not letting me type in the box to update my status
    Videos people post wont load/ wont do nothing when i click it
    Notifications tab dont come down, it takes you to the notifactions for the week page
    Peoples pictures wont load in their albums when i click next, it will stay at the first picture i click on

    It has also been doing it on FF but not on IE. All versions of the browsers are up to date. I tryed deleting the history, cache, and cookies and it fixed the problem with not being able to post, but not the rest. any ideas?


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